When to Call Your Tenant Improvement Contractor

You’re all geared up to get your new tenants in your building, but all of your spaces look the same. One of the selling points you might use is to tell your tenant that you will make some adjustments if they want you to. Be as accommodating as possible in order to get the lease. Once your lease is signed it’s time to get started on the items you promised, but first you’ll need to go over your list with the contractor. You will need to call your contractor when your new tenants need plumbing changes, less or more interior offices, and if they plan on taking a contiguous space.

Plumbing Changes

Some of the changes I’ve seen with tenant improvements require plumbing lines to be tapped from the sink of adjacent units. Tenants need additional sinks when they have more than one breakroom. They also need additional plumbing when they add restrooms. These types of cases are not uncommon in large spaces that require tenant improvements. Another reason a contractor would be needed for plumbing is when a space doesn’t have an existing breakroom or bathroom. A professional that knows how to find a water source will have to install the mini kitchen from scratch for the tenant.

Less or More Interior Offices

Large and small offices can come with a limited number of offices. Tenants occasionally need more room for executive offices or choose to combine offices to create a conference room. There is also the need for open spaces that can hold cubicles for call center areas. Some sales offices like to give each salesman their own tiny office for more private calls and meetings. These tenants might pick a larger space and ask for dividing walls to be put up in certain areas.

Contiguous Space

As business owners we all face the possibility of either reduction or expansion. Tenants who sign leases for spaces that are directly next to a vacant unit might look into leasing that adjoining space when their company grows. Sometimes these tenants take on two entrances such as a staff entrance and separate client entrance. Contiguous spaces get tricky when they become vacant because the landlord doesn’t know if the space can be leased as-is or if the money will need to be spent with the contractor to build a new diving wall. If you are looking to seal a big deal with your tenant, you might want to have any commercial tenant improvement contractor irvine ca on speed dial. The longer the lease, the less time it will take to recover the tenant improvement funds.


Tenant improvements are fun to handle. You get to walk vacant spaces, meet with contractors, and confirm tenant requests. Creating the final punch list is something that gives you a chance to really put your all into detail and tenant needs. There’s a lot of work involved in getting the space ready for tenants. Some of the reasons you’ll need to dial up your contractor include plumbing changes, office changes, and contiguous space.

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